March 21, 2023

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Wearing bangles has been practiced since senescent times. Bangles, especially gold bangles, enhance the grace and charm of lady A traditional bangle is a must in your kitty, always ready to be double with your ethnic wear The name bangle originated from the Hindi phrase Bangali or Bangri and it routine an decoration that looks mammoth on the arm


The bronze figurine of a dancing girl, with one wrist adorned with bangles, excavated at Mohanjodaro exemplifies the monstrous importance and timeless union of the bangle with Indian culture Even in elderly texts one can find references to varying goddesses and Yakshinis wearing bangles

Wearing banglesis a giant trend these days; not unbiased with ethnic but contemporary wear too. In many cultures, wearing bangles is compulsory for connubial women It forms an superior ration of the brides jewellery. Depending on the tradition, some communities choose to wear gold bangles, glass bangles etc. For example, Bengali women always wear a pair of white and red bangles to display their nuptial status, while in Punjab women wear ivory bangles (gifted by their maternal uncle) for a defined name Apart from gold and glass bangles, bangles that are made from stone, copper, shell, bronze, terracotta, lac, silver etc are moreover popular.

However, there is nil like the charm of a gold bangle Its feeble glow and subtle sophistication makes for a stunning decoration Gold had always attracted women as the metal of option for jewellery. Besides the obvious profit of monetary preventive that comes with investing in gold, gold is also vocal to energise the phenomenon and protect it from refusal liveliness A plethora of gold bangles in assorted shapes and swarm designs are available at jewels stores Gold bangles furthermore make for the perfect married aptitude Since bangles hold been associated with married women, they make for an example gift

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Simple textured bangles are paragon for daily use They brighten the wrist as well as parallel any outfit you dream to wear However, for festive or special occasions, you can go for bangles studded with precious diamonds or various trinkets such as emerald, ruby etc You can even try embellished gold banglesthat can be matched with your sarees

Gold symbolizes being royal and gold bangles define beauty. Invest in a beautiful set of gold bangles now and enjoy its radiance for years

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