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How to run a series of automotive prettiness hastily right shop franchising

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The absolute causeof the piston round fatigue ruin caused by the operation procedure of the enginerun-in duration and maintenance of improper continuation actions. The maininfluencing factors are: Runnin.

How to run a series of automotive beauty quickly repair shop franchising

How to run a series of automotive beauty quickly repair shop franchising

The unconditional causeof the piston ring prostration ruin caused by the operation technique of the enginerun-in title and perpetuation of improper preservation actions The maininfluencing factors are: Running – in operation during the name diesel enginein a wanting circumstance in the high-speed load, or a hot car suddenly turn off state;hose between the melody drip to the intake manifold, concise circuit, so that thedust from entering the cylinder; plus Note lubricant lead does not meet therequirements, and serious pollution; poor excellence fuel injector fuel injectionor use of poor fuel quality, diesel engines at low temperatures for a longtime; fuel supply present slant misalignment

1)features More of the first piston ring breakage and piston round notch injury;piston ball outer facade and the cylinder the upper corrugated pull marks; pistonskirt and drainpipe upper fuser signs of wear; aperture often occurs in openingson both sides of the lofty Point district

2)reasons. Direct factor to model the piston globe fracture of the improperactions of machine use or maintenance. The highest influencing factors: the dieselengine for a enthusiasm instance in the overheated state, causing the piston orb cardcylinder; use of lubricating oil viscosity is too large; piston ring matchingunreasonable or incorrect installation methods, to prompt the piston globe stressconcentration; piston and main with the chasm is too small; diesel long-termdeflagration conditions

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1)features Piston ball and piston ring indentation vocation a stack of sludge, coke, andglial-like sediment; piston ball outer facade presents a genteel sheen and deeplongitudinal scratches; piston ball flexibility and weak.

2)reasons Cause sticky rings is the direct vanguard piston round sludge, cokebonding, as well as piston rings, channel deformation The highest influencingfactors are: piston rings, pipe serious hot deformation, the piston ringside clearance and backlash is too small, so that the orb card can not be inthe ring container activities; apparatus overheating or long-term overload of work, sothat oil to engender high temperature glial; poor grade of lubricating oil;poor grade fuel injector fuel injection; poor crankcase ventilationinstallation work, causing denial force or conduit airtight poor causedoil Shangcuan; tube liners optional unreasonable or pressing impropercaused deformation

1)features Smaller piston circle upper and cut modern circle mark wear, unilateralor uneven wear in the circumferential surface; the working surface of thepiston sphere outer longitudinal scratches due to gum wear; the boon of thepiston ball and piston blowby traces

2)reasons. The piston rings promote to wear is a conclusive result of the piston in thecylinder due to malposition The leading influencingauto dvdand car dvd playerfactors are: deprivation of dieselengine running operation after the new gadget or overhaul; drainpipe linerthermal deformation into the cylinder clog and drainpipe trial malposition; rodbent or twisted; crankshaft axial clearance is too large

features. Pistonrings unilateral or limits surface longitudinal grooves; the contactsurface of a metal peel or scratch a large area; appearance scratches and sticky ringphenomenon is often at the same time

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