October 4, 2023


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HTC endure diamond – With tremendous multimedia features!

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The HTC perceive diamond is the most revered mechanism that has been launched by the HTC this year. In terms of aesthetics, hardware features and software customizations, there are many exceptionally inno.

HTC touch diamond – With tremendous multimedia features!

The HTC observe diamond is the most great device that has been launched by the HTC this year In terms of aesthetics, hardware features and software customizations, there are many exceptionally innovative additions in this appliance that are worth seeing

It has added side like 3G and GPS along with an AC adapter USB jack, USB cable, screen protector, interpretation button, microphone, software CD, stereo headphones etc The decoration of the AC adapter is moreover very nice; it has angled edges, a USB port, and a plug (removable) adapter A mini USB cable provided along with can be used to inculpate the device.

The tasteful and sleek design is fused with numerous functions and capabilities. This handset enhances the impact experience The major melodious features of this handset are SMS, perfect QWERTY keyboard, HTC internet, trained memory of 4GB, SD card, openwork browsing and a pile additional

This phone simplifies the practice by which the people access their information. Surfing has been made easier by the integration of internet technology (HTC)

Major features:

The appliance is supported by UMTS 3 G technologies with the operating frequencies of 900/2100 MHz bands There is a irradiate sensor on the finest of the phone.The shiny screen of the expressive phone really adds to the style tally of the customers.It has a camera of 3.15 mega pixels with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixelsOne can guide videos at a degree of 30 frames a modern with integrated camera The users have been further enabled to make disc calls through inbuilt cd vocation (secondary) camera

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Messaging techniques like MMS, SMS. Emails and instant messaging are furthermore included in the angle coagulate of this handset.The moving tool is further equipped with FM radio in rule to retain the users updated of the present happenings around themThe machine further has an mp3 actor that allow the patrons to ruse their favorite melody tracks

The volley having the amperage of 900 mAh is besides incorporated in the design which gives 285 hours of standby and five hours and thirty minutes of speak time. The incorporation of Bluetooth technology has rendered new ways to measure the precious moments of life with loved ones

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