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Vintage Cameos: Know Your Stuff!

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The cameo is feasibly one of the most noticeable designs in the system of jewelry with roots dating back all the procedure to the circumstance of the elderly Greeks. However, while the device is thousands of years old, there are no published examples of cameo jewelry preceding the case of the Romans

Vintage Cameos: Know Your Stuff!

Vintage Cameos: Know Your Stuff!

But today, the sell is literally flooded with thousands of vintage cameos from the 19th century Napoleon helped renew the popularity of the cameo ornament when he wore a coronation crown studded with the ornately crafted design. Popularity reached its top in the Victorian Era with the ruler herself actually declared to own designed a piece or two in her day Today, the ubiquitous design can be found on virtually every type of jewelry, including:

  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches
  • Necklaces

By and large, a cameo can be identified by the portrait which adorns each and every piece and this should be the starting mark for any value determination Set upon a flat plaque, the portrait really is thrust to value determination. Cheaper cameos bequeath keep a molded portrait while your additional valuable pieces cede be carved Common characteristics of the really showy molded versions are: embellish weight, shiny, and blended colors. There are some examples, however, of general materials being used in molded versions

Although there are a few exceptions, molded pieces should actually be avoided at all costs Separating the good-looking knock-offs from the TRUE agreement is the interpretation to collecting for profit Mold marks or ridges of some kindly bequeath be found on the back of your cheaper glass cameos. Although the imitation pieces can be of exceptionally lanky quality, it is viable to recognize them by carefully studying the portraits

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Carved pieces boost to order greater value because the materials are fresh valuable and they are far fresh expensive to forging Many valuable cameos are carved out of shells but their plastic imitators are so good these days that it halfway takes a jewelry proficient to ascertain the valuable carved versions You are looking for the shell cameos featuring a pair of colors, precise carve lines, and a thin back.

Other materials commonly used to engender the other valuable cameos are abalone, mother-of-pearl, and agate Abalone and mother-of-pearl carved cameos also hold great detailing but commit tend to be thicker and obtain a flat back when compared to the shell versions Relatively flat and multi-colored due to its layering, agate is a thumping haunting pertinent used to make some of the other valuable carved cameos

But at the second of the day, the really valuable carved pieces will be made from stone, which can sometimes be imitated totally well using glass. The only method to really separate the glass imitators from the actual stone pieces is to look carefully at the opening between the portrait and flat plaque Unlike the glass imitators, the peanut pieces commit be under-carved at the spot where the plaque and portrait meet The nut pieces are treasure in the cameo collecting system but they are sporadic so be economical not to be fooled by an imitator

Despite the thousands of imitations flooding the market, there are inactive plenty of carved cameos out thereand the peak part, most are under-priced. Just learn how to ascertain those fashioned from man-made materials so you can focus on the carved pieceswhere the tall profit dormant really lies for the serious collector!

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